Flexx Cloud

Employing leading Cloud ERP technology in your ERP system provides your business with secure, scalable and future proof tools that will grow with your business in an affordable way.

Flexx ERP

Industry best practices demand that your eCommerce and ERP systems are well integrated. Benefits include reduced administration and more timely and accurate information which improves customer satisfaction.

Flexx Custom

Offering industry best practices for integrating mainstream Accounting Software and Inventory Software systems with eCommerce, Ebay, Amazon and manu other industry leading cloud solutions.


Flexx Cloud - Distribution ERP Software for The Modern Business.

Flexx Cloud in the newest generation of the proven Flexx ERP system. It builds upon the years of experience and maturity that are employed in the current windows based system. To this solid base we have added the power of the browser style of interaction. Flexx Cloud is shaping up to be a truly remarkable system.

Modern businesses are demanding more flexxiblity coupled with much simpler administration and easier growth. This is why cloud ERP solutions have become so popular. Flexx had to migrate to the cloud to remain reliable and so the Flexx Cloud project was started and the new model is proving very powerful and easy to use.

The Flexx Cloud project is a multi manyear effort and though the design and base structure has been completed, the initial system won't be available until 2017. But we are so proud of the results so far, If you would like a preview give us a call.

Is Flexx® right for my Business?

If you can't seem to find a financial management solution that fits your needs then take a closer look at Flexx Business Management Software.

The Right Fit

Unlike some solutions that shoe-horn you into their way of working, Flexx is designed to work the way you want to. The modular approach of Flexx allows you to select as little or as much as your business demands. And because it's written by Databyte, applications can be developed to fit your needs exactly.

Alternative Appeal

Flexx is more than a viable alternative to the mainstream. It's an attitude that says "we're different", part of a growing backlash against rigid products and practices from vendors who treat you like a number. Flexx appeals to companies that want something different. Something that works, and on their terms.

The Right Price

Compared with solutions of similar capability and performance, Flexx is very competitively priced. Businesses should budget for between 1-5% of annual revenues to cover the total cost of ownership.

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