Flexx Financials

Flexx Financials is a group of modules that forms the core of the Flexx business management platform.

Flexx Financials Modules include -

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Fixed Assets

  • Bank Reconciliation  


General Ledger.  Flexx General Ledger is a powerful financial tool that provides simple access to detailed accounting information, comprehensive audit trails and financial statements.

Accounts Payable.  Flexx Accounts Payable allows you to easily manage sophisticated purchasing strategies while maintaining tight control over cash flow.

Accounts Receivable.  Flexx Accounts Receivable gives you the power to plan cash flow, analyze volumes and trends, and forecast sales and budgeting—all with historical information and audit trails available at the click of a mouse!

Fixed Assets.  Flexx Fixed Assets tracks your assets and provides comprehensive data for tax and amortization planning. Depreciation and historical capital cost allowances are handled with posts directly to General Ledger.

Bank Reconciliation.  Flexx Bank Reconciliation automates the reconciliation function and ensures the highest level of data accuracy by cross-checking all transactions and eliminating duplicate data entry.